Bridging the gap between gene keys and human design so you can align with your divine design


In this group we will:

  • Dive into the Gene Key Sequences - Activation, Venus + Pearl
  • Learn how to energetically activate gene keys
  • Have meaningful and collaborative discussions
  • Teach each other
  • Release labels, beliefs and create a space of non-attachment within ourselves to manifest the purest expression of our divinity through CREATION.
  • Practice conscious communication and contemplation
  • Open our hearts through relationships
  • Unlock and unleash our inner prosperity... and more

You don't have to have an advanced knowledge of HD or GK to join. This is for all "levels" of under/inner-standing.



Live Calls & Teachings

4 Calls total

(live call, prerecorded teaching or Q+A)

One on One Support

questions, concerns, personal support and contemplations welcomed


Pop-up healings, attunements, alignments, activations and more
(we always over deliver)

Facebook Community

You'll have access to commUNITY support and conversations.

The materials and replays will be organized inside the group for easy access.

Monthly Subscription


pay month to month

12 Month Subscription


save $128

UYD key

2021 Schedule:


Sacred Union


Activate the Hieros Gamos Codes. Balance, elevate and integrate your divine masculine and feminine.

Want access to your prosperity? Then it's time to get balanced.

4 Calls

Meditation Visualizations

Energy Healing


Business by Design

February - April

This accompanies the Pearl Immersion (participation recommended but not required)

We go into branding (design and brand story), positioning, Marketing, Organization, Ideation, Strategy and more. Align with your business design. Unlock prosperity.

This is for anyone who owns or is thinking about starting a business.


Portals of Deconditioning

April 2021 - April 2022

The Intention: 

Deepen your Understanding

Go beyond your own profile

Alignment, integration, transformation, embodiment

Preparing the world for the Trivian beings - what can WE do to come into our wholeness, healing and empowerment?

Help decondition as many people as possible before the mutation of 2027


1 year around the wheel

365 days around the wheel

64 transits

A year of deconditioning not-self and aligning with your True self


Begins in the 3rd Gate (Beginnings): April 17 - 21

Ends in the 42nd Gate (Endings)


What is included each transit:

Weekly FB Lives with Bella & Ashley: our personal experience and check in

Weekly Group Zoom Meetings: Teaching & Embodiment Practice


Our personal contemplations

Earth & Sun


The 64 Door (Access to Library and Paid Content (Workbooks, Meditations etc.)

Seven Sacred Seals (when applicable)

Siddhi Alignment

Programming Partner Transit Journal

Embodiment Practice


Ashley Pfeffer

Divine Alchemist


Bella Krystal

Quantum Facilitator