The 64 Doors

64 Keys to unlock the 64 inner archetypes.

We bridge the gap between Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrology & IChing to bring these 64 inner archetypes to life.


Authentic Self-Expression Coach & Mentor

Some of her tools include:

Archetypal Embodiment, Somatic Movement, Vocal Toning, Sound Therapy, Energy Work, Play, Creative Expression, Gene Keys, Human Design & Astrology

Ashley bridges the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Human Design to help you align with your Divine Blueprint. She believes that from this place of alignment all things are possible. Her enthusiasm will activate your inner child.  And as a creative catalyst she will help you connect you with your own creative spark within.

She believes that when you can find peace in being yourself, you stop comparing and competing with others. You are able to fully express your genius and show up healed, whole and empowered. This is where the magic happens and altruism begins.

What wishes are you making?
What seeds are you planting?



Angie Mercier

I recently had the great fortune of being introduced to Gene Keys and working with Ashley. Ashley’s insight and thorough process walked me through an empowering experience of identifying strengths and bringing to my focus how, specifically, those strengths are affected when I am not in alignment! HOW I CAN BEST SERVE IN THIS LIFE! Already, this empowering information is helping me shift in my personal and professional life!! Things are sooo much clearer now!


Jessica Madden

LOL OMG my head was spinning ... in a good way after our session... so I am going with the flow and relaxing!! Thank you so much! It was beyond enlightening and uber helpful. Total confirmations on so much!!

1000% Girl, you are on fire and you've tapped into your calling for sure!!

The Foundation of our work



The Gene Keys is a body of knowledge aimed to help transform our core self-beliefs, expand our consciousness and release our individual creative genius into the world. there are 64 universal archetypes that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys.

The 64 Gene Keys correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (book of changes) and the 64 codons of our human DNA.

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The Human Design System is the science of the True Self. It is a map of all life forms. It shows you how you process energy how you interpret the energy from others and how the gates, channels and centers make up the unique alchemy that is you.

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