Human design is like an owner's manual that explains clearly what your purpose is, what your strengths are and where you are vulnerable. You'll understand how you process energy and connect to others.

You might even begin to appreciate and accept yourself for who you are, and begin to drop the judgments you have toward yourself and others for what you/they are not. Human Design is a way to connect with your soul and understand who you truly are. You wont have to look outside yourself for answers again.

What would it be like to have an understanding of your emotions and how they specifically work in you? Have you ever struggled with making a clear and reliable decision? You'll learn about your inner authority and how to use it to make decisions.

Human Design also reveals where you are most vulnerable to being influenced by what others think or feel and how to sidestep that influence.

What would it be like to actually SEE yourself for the beautifully unique being you are?

Let me hold the mirror up to your soul so that you can see inside.


reading your chart

The Gene Keys Golden Path is a powerful inner journey that will bring transformation and renewal to your life. It is a process of contemplation and awareness that is easy for anyone to engage in, no matter how busy your life may be. Based on Richard Rudd’s amazing book, ‘Gene Keys - unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA’

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The Gene Keys is a body of knowledge aimed to help transform our core self-beliefs, expand our consciousness and release our individual creative genius into the world. there are 64 universal archetypes that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys.

The 64 Gene Keys correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (book of changes) and the 64 codons of our human DNA.

Each of these three stages/frequencies play a role in our psychological and spiritual development as human beings. There is no Gift without the Shadow, no Shadow without the Siddhi, no Siddhi without the Gift. These states of being (or frequencies) breathe and dance together as we evolve.

Understanding how the Gift, Shadow and Siddhi are constantly interacting with each other throughout our lives can help us engage with ourselves with greater compassion and patience. As we awaken to the full spectrum of our human consciousness, we become more gentle with ourselves and we begin to notice the larger growth patterns at work.

It is important to understand that we will likely find ourselves moving in and our of the Shadow and Gift states. We may re-experience feeling stuck in a similar rut and that's okay. Over time, as we revisit the Shadow realms with less and less resistance, we notice that their grip loosens - they no longer determine our attitudes, decisions and actions.

The feelings and thoughts seem real enough, but we are no longer trapped and controlled by them in the same way. We begin to sense our evolution as our love and desire to serve become bigger motivators than our fear and need to protect and defend ourselves. In our efforts to serve, our unique Gifts begin to find their natural expression and we become increasingly available to experience pure states of love, understanding and aliveness.

So... I invite you to hold the Gift, Shadow and Siddhi, and the delicate interplay of these states, in your heart and in your mind. Stay open and surrender.

Credit: Richard Rudd and Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook



Jen Carder

"Thank You Ashley, for such an insightful session today. I absolutely love your energy!

I definitely have a deeper understanding on how I'm designed & how to best support that. You gave a TON of info for me to dive into. Thanks Again!"


Caroline Nixon

"I just had an awesome human design session with Ashley Pfeffer.

We laughed and laughed as we uncovered all of my stuff, you know who I am at the core, my strengths and challenges.  Ashley was warm and knowledgeable, and I learned a lot!

If you have never heard of Human Design, book a session with Ashley. She knows her stuff and delivers in a way that you will just totally get."