"I recently had the great fortune of being introduced to Gene Keys and working with Ashley. Ashley’s insight and thorough process walked me through an empowering experience of identifying strengths and bringing to my focus how, specifically, those strengths are affected when I am not in alignment! HOW I CAN BEST SERVE IN THIS LIFE! Already, this empowering information is helping me shift in my personal and professional life!! Things are sooo much clearer now!"

"LOL OMG my head was spinning ... in a good way after our session... so I am going with the flow and relaxing!! Thank you so much! It was beyond enlightening and uber helpful. Total confirmations on so much!!

1000% Girl, you are on fire and you've tapped into your calling for sure!!"


Brittany Kimmell

"Working with Ashley, using the human design Gene Keys was better for my marriage than actual marriage counseling itself. During marriage counseling, it felt like I was “in the right” and my husband was “in the wrong” and if there could’ve been a winner in counseling, then I took Grand Prize. However, “winning therapy” didn’t resolve any of the issues in our relationship. It may have just put a Band-Aid on them.
What I really needed to know:
1. Why was my husband doing the things he was doing?
2. How do we move forward?
When working with Ashley, she went over both of our charts explaining our strengths, weaknesses, family dynamic, how we communicate, and much more! I could finally empathize where my husband was coming from for most of the behaviors that made me both love him and want to throat punch him all at the same time! Now that I understand the way he ticks, I can make a plan to move forward. Frustrations that I had about his behavior in the past are understood better, and I have a way to see it with grace instead of resentment. Understanding the how’s and why’s of our relationship is key to helping us communicate better and use both of our strengths to our advantage.
If you’re wondering if working with Ashley could possibly help you with your relationship- the short answer is YES! If you’ve ever wondered the same two questions I listed above, then you will absolutely leave with answers. You will have an understanding and compassion about your partner that will help build the foundation to a better relationship. She is the absolute BEST at this, gives it her all, and you will be so elated you decided to work with her."

Jen Carder

"Thank You Ashley, for such an insightful session today. I absolutely love your energy!

I definitely have a deeper understanding on how I'm designed & how to best support that. You gave a TON of info for me to dive into. Thanks Again!"

"I just had an awesome human design session with Ashley Pfeffer.

We laughed and laughed as we uncovered all of my stuff, you know who I am at the core, my strengths and challenges.  Ashley was warm and knowledgeable, and I learned a lot!

If you have never heard of Human Design, book a session with Ashley. She knows her stuff and delivers in a way that you will just totally get."


Noelle Panske

"Ashley ... just laying awake... thinking about how powerful the work that you are doing is ... it was the final piece of my accepting myself!!! I finally can relax with things that are fixed ... the things I don't have to change ... my whole life I thought I was supposed to change those things!!

Thank you. Thank you !!!!"


Ryan Nickel

"I’ve been struggling with my business for a while. I would go hard at it and then get burnt out and not know why. I enjoy WHAT I’m doing, but not how. Ashley helped me see more clearly what I’m supposed to be doing and HOW I’m doing it. I was looking for ways to bring more fulfillment into my life and business. I can’t thank Ashley enough for this clarity and rejuvenation."