Transit Chart



Reset to Original Design

Meditation Activation

(33:41 mins)

This is a meditation to atune you to the key to your original design.
You can listen to it once or as many times as you'd like, but once you do listen to it all you need to say to access this energy again is "by the power of three, I unlock my original design."

This will help you return to innocence, remember your divinity, who you are, where you came from and your mission here.

When ever you feel "off track," "stuck" or in your own way, you can listen to this to clear you out and return you to your original design. Its a master RESET button. Listen or state the words above to activate these energies.

Get in the Flow

Meditation Activation

(16:56 mins)

Ignite Your Creativity

Meditation Activation

(21:10 mins)