Unlock Your Design Membership Group - $11 PROMO


If you're ready to unlock your potential and unleash your creativity into the world, but don't know where to start -- this is the place for you.

In this group we will:

  • Learn how to navigate the gene keys, human design and iching
  • Learn the art of contemplation
  • Learn how to energetically activate gene keys
  • Have meaningful and collaborative discussions
  • Teach each other
  • Release labels, beliefs and create a space of non-attachment within ourselves to manifest the purest expression of our divinity through CREATION.
  • Practice conscious communication
  • Open our hearts through relationships
  • Unlock and unleash our inner prosperity
  • Uncover our gifts
  • ... and more

In this group we will help UNLOCK:

  • transformation
  • leadership
  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • altruism
  • sensitivity
  • transmutation
  • stillness
  • the art of being
  • mindfulness
  • determination
  • unity
  • ... among others

But most of all this group is for FUN!


JOIN FOR $11 !

first month is $11 and $33 per month after



Each month we will go into one topic that is gene keys, human design, iching related.


In our Unlock Your Design Facebook community and Zoom


Masterclasses will be ONE group call and courses can range from FOUR to SIX calls


There will be teachings, group contemplations and resources such as:

  • sacred self care
  • accompanying music playlists
  • gate descriptions
  • programming partners
  • codon rings
  • energy activations
  • healing
  • human design quarters and Godheads
  • questions for contemplation
  • iching connection
  • astrology
  • crystal and animal totems
  • affirmations

Everything is RECORDED and replays will be posted in the UNITS section of the group (Teachable library to come)


You will have 3 facilitators/teachers to help you on this journey.

Ashley Pfeffer, Melinda Butterfield and Bella Krystal


Because this deeper work is important to your growth and will most definitely catalyze something within you. The purpose is to create a deeper level of support for you.


JOIN FOR $11 !

$11 for first month only

1 month commitment/trial period and $33 per month hereafter


Ashley Pfeffer

Divine Alchemist


Melinda Butterfield



Bella Krystal

Quantum Facilitator

Join us as we take a journey into YOU as we unbox ourselves, open our hearts, remember our unity and unleash our creativity!

Be on the lookout for special guest experts as well.