Human Design DEEP DIVE


Are you ready to unfold the divine blueprint of your life, connect with your Higher Self  and accelerate your spiritual growth?

Discover who you really are, how you process energy and connect to others through the Human Design System.

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Gene Keys Deep Dive


Dive into your Gene Keys with me and uncover your divine life purpose, your unique gifts and how you're meant to share them with the world!

This is highly customizable. We can dive into your purpose, your health, your relationships, your business, your pathway to breakthrough or core stability. Come with an intention or we can just FLOW with it and let spirit guide our session.

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Gene Keys or Human Design Support


Wanting more support with Gene Keys and Human Design? Schedule a session with a specific question in mind and we will work on identifying the shadow/victim pattern, catalyzing healing, implementing mindset strategies and moving forward into the gift frequencies!

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Ideation 2.0 Session


Hop on a 60 minute call for a highly collaborative idea creation session.

+ Custom Activation of 1-2 Gene Keys to help get the juices flowing!

By comparing your Human Design and Gene Key charts I will be able to channel highly aligned ideas that fit your unique strand of genius. We will go through a brainstorming session and decide on an idea(s) that EXCITES you and gets you jumping out of your seat.

+ CLOSING - Grounding the energy into the physical and creating a physical reminder to support this idea coming into fruition.

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Custom Gene Key Meditation Activation


Purchase your own custom Gene Key Meditation Activation that catalyzes your growth and expansion into the gift frequency of a specific Gene Key of your choice.

I will channel and record a meditation that activates, aligns and harmonizes you with the energy of the gene key you select. If the gene key is present in your chart, we will bring in the energies of the sphere and line number as well.





Join our free Facebook community where you will feel supported and connected with others who are on the Human Design and Gene Keys journey.

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A membership group for those looking to dive deeper into their design, purpose and - most importantly - themselves.

This monthly membership includes 4 zoom calls and one masterclass as well as discussions, contemplations and commUNITY.

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We have developed a simple way for you to understand the 64 archetypes of your Divine Blueprint. Behind each door is an archetype explained. You use your energetic blueprint (Human Design Chart) and Hero's Journey Map (Gene Keys Profile) to uncover parts of your design. Becoming familiar with your design aligns you with your set of archetypes that you embody.  When you are aware of them, you get to utilize their strengths and transform their weaknesses.



Reset and Reclaim: Empowering the Empath Within

Digital Course Includes Modules on 

  • Resetting your energy to zero point
  • boundaries, codependency, emotions, thoughts, beliefs
  • Self care, self inquiry and self discovery




Noelle Panske

Ashley ... just laying awake... thinking about how powerful the work that you are doing is ... it was the final piece of my accepting myself!!! I finally can relax with things that are fixed ... the things I don't have to change ... my whole life I thought I was supposed to change those things!!

Thank you. Thank you !!!!


Ryan Nickel

I’ve been struggling with my business for a while. I would go hard at it and then get burnt out and not know why. I enjoy WHAT I’m doing, but not how. Ashley helped me see more clearly what I’m supposed to be doing and HOW I’m doing it. I was looking for ways to bring more fulfillment into my life and business. I can’t thank Ashley enough for this clarity and rejuvenation.

"When you are able to live your own design, no matter how mundane the experience, you are as awake as Buddha."

Ra Uru Hu