Soulmate Bridge Session









What is included:

 90 Minute Zoom Call + Recording

Human Design and Gene Key Charts

Soulmate Bridge Chart

Analysis / Comparison of gates, channels, profiles, strategies and authorities

How you connect via energy centers

Analysis/Comparison of Gene Key Shadows and Victim Patterns

 TWO teachers on one call! Brittany Kimmell will join us during the session as well. 


Client Love

I did a Soulmate Bridge session with Ashley & Britney recently and it was awesome!

It was like they were unlocking secrets to my husband and I’s strengths, individually and as a couple, that we weren’t even consciously aware of.

One huge eye-opener for me was when they shared how when we’re in our shadow frequencies it not only is affecting us, the person who is in that frequency, but how it affects the other person as well and how it creates an unhealthy cycle between us.

Once they showed me how this might look for us I knew exactly where this scenario was playing out in relationship.

Now we both know what to look for and how to “fix” it!

My husband and I learned so much from this session! We are now aware of what to look for in ourselves and in our relationship.

This is definitely going to strengthen our relationship and put an end to those patterns we’ve been in for so long that were not serving us. This is going to improve our communication and connection for life!

Thank you Ashley & Brittany!! I’m so glad I did this!

- Emily B.

Full Description

Solomon & Emily Composite

2 Human Design Charts

Each human design chart is unique. We will highlight how you are the same and how your are different from your partner. Only when we can put ourselves in another’s shoes can we truly appreciate who they are and what they are here to teach us. Let us help you illuminate why certain behaviors are present and how to use them for the betterment of your relationship.

1 Soulmate Bridge Report

When the two of you come together in your relationship, it creates an entirely new entity. We will illuminate all of the strengths that the both of you bring to the relationship. This will allow for better communication and reduce the risk of burnout in the relationship.


2 Gene Keys Profiles

Gene Keys will illuminate certain aspects in your Human Design Chart. It allows you to recognize and shift out of fear so that communication between you and your partner is solid. We will be focusing our attention on your Attraction Sphere in your profile. This sphere represents your attractor field- a mysterious magnetic power in your aura that draws in certain relationships into your life. If you draw in the shadow (low vibration), then it will manifest as an ongoing external conflict in your relationships. We will help shift you out of the shadow and into the Gift frequency (high vibration).


Think of us as your relationship cheerleaders. That’s why we include a 90 minute zoom call to go over all of your questions and give you advice on how to implement better communication and ultimately have a more loving and fulfilling relationship with your partner. You’ll have access to your report and your recorded call forever to review as often as you want.

Client Love

"Working with Ashley, using the human design Gene Keys was better for my marriage than actual marriage counseling itself. During marriage counseling, it felt like I was “in the right” and my husband was “in the wrong” and if there could’ve been a winner in counseling, then I took Grand Prize. However, “winning therapy” didn’t resolve any of the issues in our relationship. It may have just put a Band-Aid on them.
What I really needed to know:
1. Why was my husband doing the things he was doing?
2. How do we move forward?
When working with Ashley, she went over both of our charts explaining our strengths, weaknesses, family dynamic, how we communicate, and much more! I could finally empathize where my husband was coming from for most of the behaviors that made me both love him and want to throat punch him all at the same time! Now that I understand the way he ticks, I can make a plan to move forward. Frustrations that I had about his behavior in the past are understood better, and I have a way to see it with grace instead of resentment. Understanding the how’s and why’s of our relationship is key to helping us communicate better and use both of our strengths to our advantage.
If you’re wondering if working with Ashley could possibly help you with your relationship- the short answer is YES! If you’ve ever wondered the same two questions I listed above, then you will absolutely leave with answers. You will have an understanding and compassion about your partner that will help build the foundation to a better relationship. She is the absolute BEST at this, gives it her all, and you will be so elated you decided to work with her."

- Brittany


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